!Pink! Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Hey Guys! So seeing at Kythaela introduced the blog, I guessed I’d just get on and get showing you guys some fashion!

So this month is Breast Cancer Awareness month! Me and Kythaela both have a close friend in Second Life who is currently recieving treatment, so I thought I would do something in regards to this as it is close to both our hearts.

(( Love you Leenie))

Breast Cancer Awareness

[ Hair – Lelutka – Jolie | Skin – LAQ – Alva | Lipgloss – [PF] – Elly Juicy Gloss | Eyeshadow – cheLLe – smoke in frost / sheer earthtones (rose) | Jewellery – Peeps – Breast Cancer Awareness Pearls ]

I found this gorgeous pearl set on the Marketplace today, it comes with the Necklace, Earings and matching bracelet, all for only L$50! Whats better is all the money paid for the Jewellery goes to charity, and there is so many cute pieces to choose from! So be sure to check them out here!

I also love the most recent release from LeLutka! Above is the new Jolie style (based on the lady herself) and its absolutely gorgeous! You have the choice of either wearing with extensions or as a slightly shorter style! The part I love the most about these extensions is that they arent just over the shoulder as many styles are, they are also down the back, which makes everything look so much more elegant when you move around and you dont have a long style sitting horizontal to your head when you look down!

Dahlia I also love the Blythe style, as seen here. It’s so big and messy, yet elegant at the same time! Definately the bed head look that takes hours to achieve!

This outfit is one of my all time favorite lingerie pieces! I have it in so many colours!

[ Outfit – ::TGiS:: – Dahlia Blanc (Rose) ]

Not only are the textures so damn beautiful, The attatchments are too! One of the only corst pieces where it has such a beautiful and well sculpted breast attatchment that simply oozes sexiness. You also have the optional bows and thrills to cover yourself in, and two different umbrella’s to choose from! (Sheer and non-sheer versions!) You even get the matching shoes to complete the entire outfit!

There’s also a necklace and earring set that is absolutely wonderful, yet not worn here.

For a girl that loves everything frilly and girly… I could live in this quite happily! If you haven’t yet checked out Trashy Girls in Style, or not this outfit… I cannot express how much you are missing out on!

Thanks for listening to be blab on… I’ll try and not waffle so much in future posts.

Love you guys!

xx Sassy xx



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