Okay so… I’m not so much of a hunt person, much too lazy to spend my time looking for things. But this… this I HAD to do! There wasn’t an order to it, it was simple… and it was PUMPKINS!

Ofcourse, I’m talking about the new ‘The Seasons Hunt’. Find out more about it here.

The reason I just had to do it was the new Addict Lucille Sweater dress, I received the ad through the subscrib-o-matic and felt that if I did not grab it immediately.. I may just die a little inside.


TSH –[Hair] – Fri.day – Apple

TSH – [Scarf] – Tres Blah – Autumn Scarf

TSH – [Earrings] – Pididdle – Oh So Gawdy Earrings

TSH – [Dress] – AddiCtLucille

Have fun guys… I’m going to get back to my Hunting!

xX Kythaela Xx



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