!Autumn Bargains!


Every girl loves a good bargain, and I am certainly no exception. Just look at these shoes!

Aren’t they just beautiful? And believe it or not they were only L$60! I don’t think I have ever come across such an amazing bargain in second life before and I just love them to pieces. I think they will be my permanent pair of shoes for the next few days. They are available now at The Dressing Room!

Okay so this week I wanted to show you how just because it’s Autumn, it’s not all doom and gloom.

Being british, I know how Autumn tends to bring forth the wonderful rain and hail and general miserableness. But just because the weather is angry, why do you have to be too?

Floral is absolutely perfect for this time of year, bring the outside in. Not only does floral look absolutely gorgeous, it is bound to get you in a more bouncy happy mood too!

The Outfit itself is from Toki-Doki

Itsy Bodysuit – Blue

Sorry Mum Jeans – Blue Wash

Fall Cardigan – Sand


Nyte’N’Day – Ginger Belt – Burnt                                                                            

:Fusion: – Bronze Jewellery                                                                            

This Cardigan is just perfect for the colder weather, while still looking feminine and stylish. Gone are the days of knitted sweaters from our grans! Cardigans are the perfect garment to take us through Autumn into the winter months. And they’ll keep till next year too!

This Cardigan from Toki-Doki is just gorgeous. However… there are a few issues with the latest fad of oversized Cardigans. They are awesome and gorgeous… However…

They attach to your spine, so the moment you sway your hips BAM the prim is broken. Great for a few poses… and for those of us with straighter bodies. I found my own hips seemed naturally large for the oversized cardigan, and the slightest bit of movement from my AO i looked silly. Oh well.. a girl can dream =(

Finally, any of you who have checked out the Alva skins from my previous posts will have noticed the makeup in my images doesnt match that of the skin. Why? Tattoo Makeup! One of the best things to reach Second Life. And the best of the best




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