The Weekend has come and gone…

Which means – NEW HAIR RELEASES!

For those of you who don’t know – Truth Hawks always releases hair on a friday / saturday… and I can tell you now, I spend both days glued to his blog waiting for an update. However, it’s been a while since I found a new style of his that suits my rather more punky outward appearance, lately it all seems to have been big and flowy with curls going everywhere like a massively long afro…

And this week he hasn’t strayed too far from that – atleast not with the first new release. Lilia. However his second release is not only different… it’s gorgeous. I introduce to you, Cate.

Truth Hawks – Lilia | Cate

The style features two buns – one sat elegantly ontop of the crown and one much looser and lower. The Style comes with both Streaked and plain versions, with colour change bands [However, it seems only the STREAKED option comes with any colour change scripts – so for now I have to put up with these damn pink bands =( ]. Lilia also comes with the new Truth ROOTS colours (not shown here, maybe Saskia will show you guys if you ask her nicely).

Also releasing this weekend was Magika! Now I have always been a big fan of Magika hair ever since I first joined SL and some random neko chucked a folder at me full of prim hair – the majority of which were Magika (stolen probably…) But ever since I found the Magika store, I have been hooked!

Ofcourse, our dearest creator disappeared for what seemed like forever, and has only recently returned with some BIG changes. It’s taken her longer than she said to release this style, and I was concerned she had ran off once again, but NO! She’s back, and I do hope she’s staying.

Here is TwentyFour. Now Magika’s new colour system is a lot different to the old way, and L$250 for 25 different colours in an excellent deal!

There are 2 colour packs now, Natural colours, and unatural colours. The red I wear has been sorted into ‘unnatural’ with the blues and the pinks and the greens, which kind of confused me but oh well.

The hair is named so as it is Sabina Gully’s birthday this week, so I wouldjust like to say:



[Hair] – Magika – TwentyFour

[Skin] – Belleza – Melissa

[Eye Makeup] – Damned – Mascara Tears

[Bracelet] – League – Wanderer

[Ears] – Panda Express – Repent

[Top] – Tart – Tank Top



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