My Baby Shot Me Down

Happy Halloween dear readers! I’m not much of a Halloween person in fairness, I dress up when I want to, not when I have to. So this post isn’t very Halloween-themed I’m afraid – Sorry!

On another note however, we now have an in world update group! If you wish to join simply IM SaskiaMartinez or Kinky Mynx (there the avatar names) or drop us a notecard… or Comment here with your username and we’ll shoot you an invite. You can also search for the group in world  using ‘Kandyland Fashion Blog’ and we should pop up.

So yeah, I’m feeling pretty badass today! I’ve had these guns for a while and well, I’ve been finding it hard to find anything to do with them… I don’t feel like griefing in all honesty. So I thought I would show them off to you guys using the new SUCKERPUNCH pose back from Poseur.

[ Credits ]

[Hair] – Lelutka

[Skin] – Belleza

[Tattoo] –  Luck Inc

[Scarf] – Lelutka

[Top] – League

[Skirt] – Sticky Fingers

[Stockings] – Sassy Kitty Designs

[Boots] – Slink

[Guns] – Ironsight Armaments


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