! Rain !

Rain Rain Go Away

I hate the british weather! It won’t stop raining and it doesn’t help that I’m incredibly sick at the moment, so this is going to be a pretty short blog post.

I was planning on something to do with Bonfires Night this weekend, but nevermind that. I just needed something to keep my feet dry in this awful weather!

Presenting the Wellington Boot from GOS!  – This is a Mesh Item, so you will need a mesh enabled viewer to see them.

The boots themselves come in 4 different versions within the pack. You get rigged mesh x3 – Tall, Med and Short and then a non rigged Mesh version for modification.

Above I’m wearing the Tall Rigged Mesh, however I had to adjust my knee angle back to 50 so that my leg wouldn’t protrude through the sides. The Non Rigged Mesh version can be moved and angled to suit this, however mine seemed to break script wise and I couldn’t be bothered to get another copy out (I’ve only had them a day!)

The different colour and pattern options are numerous, and the great part is you dont have to buy a whole new set of boots for a different design! You can just buy the one boot set, and then the colour packs are half the price. Patterns aren’t available in the boot set and only as a colour pack.

So head to the Gos Store and grab your boots now! Before its too late and we all get wet socks!

xX Sassy Xx



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