The New Round Starts today!

Thats right guys, the new round of Collabor88 has started today! And I’m guessing some of you are like ‘Huh? What? Is that some sort of TV show?’. Nope, Collabor88 is one of the best discount shops in Second Life. With creators such as The Sea Hole and !lamb selling items discounted to L$88 or L$188… what is there not to like?

Collabor88 is not just a clothing store though, you can pick up some really good, discounted poses and items of furniture. I don’t own a house right now so the furniture isn’t much use to me in all honesty, but I’ll definately be grabbing some goodies when I do get a place!

This month the special special guest is KittyCats! I used to own a KittyCat myself and they are just the most adorable little pets! You can grab yourself a special edition KittyCat this month at Collabor88, and they’re wearing the cutest little jumpers! So if you’re looking for a new addition to the family… look no further.

Here is my Collabor88 look for November. Everything apart from the shoes and the chair comes direct from collabor88. I very rarely trail from my usual LAQ or Pink Fuel skins, and this one certainly gives me a much more mature, sexy look than I am used to. But you know what? I really like it. Can’t go far wrong for L$88 now can you?


C88 [Skin] – Illusory

C88 [Hair] – Clawtooth

C88 [Necklace] – Earthstones

C88 [Dress] – BOOM

[Shoes] – Ncore

Your bus to Collabor88

xX Sassy Xx

PS. You may wonder why I’m posting on a Tuesday. Basically I’m off work ill this week so I figured I’d spend more time shopping and blogging for you guys!



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