The Sea Hole

So I woke up with a strange tattoo…

At any rate, I have scoured my inventory for you guys today in the hopes of bringing you something more interesting than ‘look how cute my outfit is – link’. So today I figured I’d talk to you about Tattoo’s.

Ever since the tattoo layer was introduced into viewer 2 creators have gone WILD for it! However… along with new things to play with comes bad… bad tattoo’s that people still pay money for! I’m not much of a tattoo person, but if I was – I don’t want to go out and buy a tattoo that looks like it’s been pasted onto me straight from google search! People need to learn to use opacity, shading, placement all to perfect a tattoo and make it something would want!

Atleast in second life, a tattoo doesn’t have to be permanent. However, if they were, I would totally advise you to check out these bad boys.

These are my few, but beautiful tattoo’s from my inventory. They are from The Sea Hole – and their range of tattoo’s are just to die for! If I didn’t want to ruin my good girl image I would totally be covered head to toe in these!

My favorite is definately the back tattoo – the way it curves beautifully with the spine, the bright vibrant colours and the kick ass pink gun… I couldn’t ask for anything more!

So here is my two cents for the day – If you’re looking for a tattoo, check out The Sea Hole first before you go to a designer whom you’re just going to regret purchasing from. Nothing ruins a hot looking avatar more than a poorly designed Tattoo.

xx Sassy xx



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