Hello Land!

My Apologies!!!

Sorry for missing my post last week, the excitement of having land all of my own that I can do anything and everything with was too much, and fashion kind of took a back seat (Seriously, majority of the time I’ve just been running around naked terraforming… why need clothes when no ones going to see me?)

But anyway, I figured I should come and see all my lovelies this week, dressed and ready to post. No studio shot today either.. Hell if I’m leaving this place!

So yeah, I paid a little visit to the Perfect Wardrobe event today and picked up this sexy little mesh corset and skirt. I highly advise a visit. This months theme was black and white. But hurry! It ends on the 25th!

[*RD*]*High Waister Mini
[PM] Baby T’s Black
*League* Wanderer -Black- Bracelet
+AH+ Piercings “Three”
Mstyle Oval Nails – Classic – L(10)
[Aura] Bound – MESH Corset
-Belleza- Melissa Deep Tan 1
-SU!- Reflection Eyes 17



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