New Look

I bought a new pair of shoes
I got a new attitude, when I walk
‘Cause I’m so over you
And it’s all about tonight

So I’ve decided it’s time to re-invent myself!

Not gone for any major changes, after all, spending most of my time on a Roleplay sim kind of constrains the number of changes I can make to myself without it being too massive, for instance, hardly going to turn into a life size Meeroo avatar overnight (as much as i would love to) However, I do have a wonderful new shape by Gogo and a new skin from Glam Affair on the recomendation of my good friend Sugalicious.

Nothing heals a broken heart like a day of shopping and making yourself feel fabulous.

The Outfit and Tattoo are both Luck Inc, the hair is new from Truth and the pose set is from Glitterati’s discontinued prop sets (Really suggest you check them out, great discounts on what is still excellent pose work!)

I did have some better photo’s for you, but apparently they got lost in the cyberspace that is my email, so I’m afraid we gotta make do with the crappy ones that come from my laptop. Sowwy!

I also made a quick purchase of these gorgeous special edition eyes from Aphotic Gloom.

Aren’t they just absolutely mesmerising? And such a great deal too! Definately suggest them for all your eye needs. Extremely detailed and vibrant… I just couldn’t fault them one bit.

So guys, oppinions on the new look welcomed!

Kiki xx



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