Lego House

I’m gunna pick up the Pieces
And build a Lego House
If things go wrong we can knock it down…

Big news from Kandyland! We have a new HOME (again) and I have a new favorite song! If you haven’t heard Lego house by Ed Sheeran yet I highly suggest you check it out. Rupert Grint looks so hot as a stalker! (I literally sat and drooled the first time I saw this music video.)

So yeah, the reasons we haven’t posted much this month is because we’ve been so entirely focussed on the house, we’ve practically been running around naked soooo not much to blog there. Also now out of cash (thanks to the house) till atleast after christmas, so I figured why not show you my own lego house (its not so much lego… more just a large, beautiful house)

The house is from BAZARmarketplace here

I have made a few adjustments, as I live in a more woodland / mountainous area the original palm tree’s didn’t quite work, along with the sand base. But hey presto! Just a bit of cleaning up and a few young oak tree;s and the place is perfect. It comes fully furnished which is great for lazy little me (I lie, I’m not that lazy, I just spent all my money and time furnishing the last house that I have no patience for it anymore!)

The back of the house features this wonderful waterfall feature leading into a large swimming pool. The balcony on top comes out from the bedroom. Also in the back is a hidden deck that pulls out with ‘scenes’ pre loaded onto it, so no need to worry if you fancy that sudden party with your friends!

And Finally, my view. I love my view, I literally sit for hours just staring at it without speaking to anyone (okay so when I said i was too busy to post… this is kinda the reason. I’m so easily impressed…)

Romantic Sunset anyone?

xX Sassy Xx

And it’s dark in a cold december
but I got you to keep me warm
and if you’re broken I will mend ya
and keep you sheltered from the storm thats raging on


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