The Return

Well, After 3 years the Blog is being revived.

The Blog will be used to promote New Releases from my new store, [K3] Kandyland as well as promoting other brands too.

I have fallen in LOVE with TheMeshProject Mesh head and body – as any of you who know me will know – and therefore most of my creations and blogs will surround TMP dedicated brands. This includes Soft Voices Creations owned by the fabulous SugarPutty Magic and Lithelfys Leratia, who very kindly let me squat on their sim.

You can find Kandyland Releases here.

You can find Soft Voices Creations Releases here. (If you are a TMP or Lara body user be sure to check out the nipples!

Here are the most recent Releases from Kandyland for you to check out. They all only work with the TMP head and will not work for any other Mesh head or the system head! So don’t buy it if you are not using TMP. (Note: All advertisements on MOODY head, but tested functionality with others also)

Bella Ad

Estelle Ad

Marilyn Ad



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